Praise for All Dogs Are Blue

The Independent on Sunday  "A book like this is all voice – it fails or succeeds by the strength, consistency and sheer irresistibility of the narrator’s voice, his ability to grab readers by the sleeve, saying, Listen to me, I have something to tell you … and somehow making you do as he says. Part of the praise here, then, is due to the book’s translators, the creators of this perfectly modulated bit of high-propulsion English prose. It could so easily have flattened out in the translation, or else stretched into something too shrill, too flashy. But it’s just right – poetic in the detailed carefulness of its craft, but also direct, uncomplicated, unfussy." – Daniel Hahn

Huffington Post  "Souza Leão autobiographical account of schizophrenia is written with tremendous verve and perspicuity, crisply translated by Zoe Perry and Stefan Tobler. All Dogs are Blue is a profound examination of the tricks and quirks of a fragile mind and Souza Leão demonstrates with startling humour how easy it is to tip from sanity into delusion."  – Lucy Popescu

The Literateur  "Translators Stefan Tobler and Zoë Perry masterfully work this web of Brazilian cultural references into their version of the novel, intriguing but never patronising or mystifying the reader. Their translation impresses for the same reason as the novel itself: like the author, they are impeccable ventriloquists who have reproduced a voice that could never belong to anyone else, that is unmistakeable and utterly original, and they have also reproduced, equally flawlessly, the many other voices contained within it." – Annie McDermott




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