I provide literary translation services from Portuguese to English. I am particularly passionate about contemporary Brazilian literary fiction, and also enjoy noir and creative non-fiction.

My tastes lean toward the offbeat and unusual, and I am drawn to writing that explores the concept of identity and the stories of Brazil's many immigrant and diaspora communities. 

I regularly provide sample translations and reader reports to publishers and agents, and I blog about Brazilian literature and other Portuguese-language books at Gringa Reads.


  • All Dogs Are Blue, by Rodrigo de Souza Leão, published by And Other Stories in August 2013, co-translated with Stefan Tobler. Shortlisted for the 2013 Typographical Translation Award.
  • Adultery: A Novel, by Paulo Coelho, translated in collaboration with Margaret Jull Costa. Published by Random House in August 2014.
  • Elza: the Girl, by Sérgio Rodrigues, published by AmazonCrossing in September 2014.
  • The Spyby Paulo Coelho. Published by Random House in November 2016.

Short Stories:

Essays & Memoir:

  • Selected passages from Forest Diaries by Betty Mindlin, published in Glossolalia - Women Writing Brazil, August 2016.
  • 'When Did I Become a Writer?' by Mia Couto, published in the Granta online edition, December 2014.

Extracts & Samples:

  • Excerpt from The Smoke Gardeners' Club by Carol Bensimon, Washington Square Review, October 2017.
  • Excerpt from Opisanie Swiata, by Veronica Stigger, The Missing Slate, February 2017.
  • Sample from Operação Impensável (Operation Unthinkable), by Vanessa Barbara (available from The Riff Agency).
  • Sample from A Resistência (Resistance) by Julián Fuks (available from Companhia das Letras).
  • Sample from Rio Acima (Upriver) by Pedro Cesarino (available from Companhia das Letras).
  • Sample from Deserto (Desert) by Luis S. Krausz (available upon request).
  • Sample from Luxúria (Lust) by Fernando Bonassi, published in Machado de Assis magazine.
  • Sample from História da Chuva (Story of the Rain) by Carlos Henrique Schroeder (available from Agência MTS).
  • Sample from Que Fim Levou a Juliana Klein? (Whatever Happened to Juliana Klein?) by Marcos Peres, published in Machado de Assis magazine.
  • Excerpt from O Cheiro do Ralo (Drained), by Lourenço Mutarelli (available upon request).
  • Excerpt from Viva Mexico, by Alexandra Lucas Coelho, for the Autumn 2013 And Other Stories Portuguese Reading Group.